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(all prices in SEK)

Anti Pasto 169:-

mixed charcuteries

 Pizza cuts 159:-

 with roe, crème fraiche and chopped onion

Steak Tartare 179 :-

rolled in sesame seeds with chilidip and soy fried shitake mushrooms

Liten’s reindeer mix 179:-

butterfried bread, lingonberries, herbs
and pickled chanterelle mushrooms

Burger of prime rib (vegetarian option) 198:-

 with feta cheese mix, acidic onions, tomato, béarnaise sauce
and sweet potato french fries

Rack of lamb 279:-

baked lamb chops with red wine sauce, garlic butter and potato gratin

Saffron scented fish casserole 207:-

with prawns, clams, warm baguette

Seared char 232:-

roe, crudité of fennel, apple, pickled cucumber, volute in blue mussles and potato puree

 Fish and Chips 198:-

 with dill, capers mayonnaise, aioli and grilled lemon

 Creamy Tagliatelle 189:-

 with mushroom, parmesan, and truffle oil

Reindeer fillet 324:-

Served with juniper berry sauce, caramelized lingonberries/ chanterelles, sautéed root vegetables and potato muffin


1. Vesuvio

tomato, cheese, ham 122:-

2. La Bussola

tomato, cheese, ham; prawns added after baking 122:-

3. Capricciosa

tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms 122:-

4. Hawaii

tomato, cheese, ham, pineapple 122:-

10. Calzone

tomato, cheese, ham, folded 122:-

For the kids nu 1-10 85:-


11. Four Season

tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms; tuna, artichoke hearts, and prawns added after baking 132:-

13. Bella

tomato, cheese, ham, pineapple, banana, curry, peanuts 132:-

14. Pizza la paularde

tomato, cheese, ham, blue cheese, crème fraiche, folded 132:-

15. Verdura

tomato, cheese, peppers, olives, onion, broccoli, mushrooms, pineapple, salad rocket 132:-

16. Pizza kebab

tomato, cheese, kebab, onion, fresh tomatoes, tzatziki 132:-

17. Thai chicken

tomato, cheese, chicken, onion, curry, chilli sauce 132:-

18. Pizza du chevré

tomato, cheese, ham, olives, chèvre, honey 132:-

20. Four Cheeses

tomato, cheese, Cambozola, Kvibille, chèvre, parmesan, salad rocket  132:-

36. Spinach

sundried tomato, mozzarella, mushroom, pepper, garlic, spinach, ricotta 132:-

Italian Classics

26. Mozzarella

Tomato, cheese, mozzarella, prosciutto ham, salad rocket, fresh tomatoes, parmesan 148:-

27. Pepperoni

tomato, cheese, peppers, salami, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, salad rocket,  parmesan 148:-

28. Ciao Ciao

tomato, cheese, fillet of pork, Sauce Béarnaise, half folded 148:-

29. Ventricina

tomato, cheese, mozzarella, Ventricina salami, parmesan, salad rocket, olives 148:-

30. Pizza Pesto

tomato, cheese, prosciutto, mozzarella, red onion, mushrooms, salad rocket, pesto 148:-

31. Pizza Beetroot

tomato, mozzarella cheese, pine nuts, beetroots, chèvre cheese, honey and rocket salad  148:-

New favorites

32. Chanterell

thin slices of reindeer meat, chanterell, chévre, garlic, lingonberry, mozarella, salad rocket 148:-

33. Kalamata

goat cheese, figs, beetroot, walnut, honey, kalamata olives, spinach, “Västerbotten”cheese, salad rocket 148:-

34. Salsiccia

zucchini, ricotta, pepper cream, salciccia, spinach, “Västerbotten” cheese 148:-

22. Mexicana

Tomato, cheese, minced meat, onions, olives, fresh tomatoes, fefferoni, nachos, crème fraiche 132:-


40. Pizza of the house

Mushrooms, pepper, mozzarella, red pesto,
feta cheese, ricotta and salad rocket will be added after baking 148:-

Sliced pizza 30:-
Extra topping 10:- 

Vanilla ice cream 59:-/89:-

With chocolate sauce/cloudberries

Chocolate ganache 95:-

With fruit and vanilla ice creme

Sorbet 79:-

With passion fruit

Three selected cheeses 125:-

with marmalade and figs

Espresso and Cognac 125:-

With chocolate truffle

 Candy in a jar 79:-

Red wines

House red wine 326/96:-

The Cloud Pinot Noire 435/124:-

Nya Zeeland

Rocca Sveva Ripasso 435/124:-


Big Top Zinfandel 395/112:-


Bellingham Shiraz 350/105:-

South Africa

Mas De Subira 575/138:-


Cotes du Rhône Le Six 650:-


Altos Reserva Malbec 895:-


 Scavino Barolo 2012 1240:-


Chateauneuf du Papé Les Sinards 2014 980:-


 Langmeil Hangin Snakes Shiraz 2013 635:-


 Estates Seven Oaks Cabernet 725:-


White wines

The House White 326/96:-

La Garrique Sauvignon Blanc 375/107:-


Lergenmuller Riesling 450/124:-


Les Moineaux Chablis 585/138:-


 Parducci Chardonnay 650:-


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